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About DR&R

The founding partners Norman De Castro, Luis Rivas and Milciades Rodríguez combined their professional knowledge to create DR & R Attorneys and Tax Consultants (De Castro, Rivas and Rodríguez), a firm of attorneys and tax consultants focused on the needs of their clients, from advising on the more complex transactions, negotiating and closing agreements, tax consulting and resolving civil and criminal disputes before Dominican courts. Together they sum over 75 years of experience in the legal and tax worlds.

The attorneys and tax consultants at DR & R have a diverse set of experiences and skills in numerous areas including corporate and commercial law, contracts, foreign investment, telecommunications, free trade zones, real estate law, labor law, employment and social security, dispute resolution and arbitration, administrative, tax, customs and litigation law.

We count with a multidisciplinary team with ability and expertise in managing multinational businesses, large and medium-sized companies locally and internationally, as well as in advising individuals and new-coming projects to in the country. We understand the economic reality of the business models of our customers; we evaluate each project based on their goals and budgets, resulting in a constant and creative quest for better serving you.

Useful service and satisfaction are our highest priorities. DR & R is dedicated to the efficient solution of our client’s problems quickly and cost effectively, remaining focused on what matters most: delivering results to ease the achievement of your business objectives and projects.

The experience of our team along with our approach rooted in the fulfillment of objectives ensures that we are involved in the most interesting and important matters within our practice areas. Our clients trust us to advice on transactional, tax and litigation cases that are critical to their success. It will be a privilege to serve you. We can help you, contact us today.


In DR & R we are committed to providing valuable and timely services, with practical and creative solutions to complex financial and business matters in Dominican Republic. We are focused on our client’s needs by understanding their business, anticipating and reacting to the changes in legislation and business climate and having a team of experienced, insightful and innovative people who add value to every transaction.


Loyalty:  we consider ourselves strategic partners of our clients, supporting them with every transaction and business idea they decide to implement.

Integrity: we are consistent in our actions, methods and principles. We believe in the coherency between the expectations of our clients, our actions and the final results.

Versatility: we transform ourselves to meet our client’s needs. While we handle the law and taxes with character and ethics, we do not limit our practice to the existing approaches when addressing your business.


Our vision guides every aspect of our business and serves as the framework of what we need to achieve to obtain a continuous growth while keeping our client’s trust.

We strive every day to become the preferred choice of individuals and companies doing business in Dominican Republic. Our desire and commitment is to have a lasting development in Dominican society, growing and contributing with our partners, employees, colleagues and collaborators.

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